DuettoFX Indicator Is Out Now!

Salve a tutti,

we are very very happy that the wait is over. DuettoFX has just been released and you can find it here:


We already said a lot about it. In the page above you’ll find every detail and most importantly a PDF report showing you trade by trade the phenomenal results we published in a post yesterday.

We are very proud of it and I’m sure that you’ll love it for its simplicity and most of all for its performances.

Just to make an example: the last signal generated by DuettoFX on EURUSD was sell @ 1.3148 two days ago (14th Feb 2012). So far the price ha gone against this trade 44 pips and it is now 167 pips in our favor. Trades with a profit potential like this one (and also much bigger) do happen regularly.

You’ll love this sort of signals 😉 Just put DuettoFX in your trading arsenal today:


Thanks everyone,

Andrea and Paolo

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