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ForteFX: Rock Steady Set-And-Forget EA

Hi everyone,

I’m often asked which one is our best EA. It’s always difficult to say but in general this is a question asked by people that want a set and forget tools that makes money without requiring almost any kind of intervention.

Those who know me, already know that I think about EAs like tools that like indicators have to be used simply to automate a strategy that we evaluated to be good for that period. So the concept of set and forget is far from my idea of automatic trading.

But there’s one exception to that, and also it’s been my very first automatic trading to be published. First with Crescendo and then with ForteFX and all its “spin-offs”.

I trade this strategy since 2009 now and it’s the only strategy that I trade since then continuously… set and forget.

Below is the statement of a relatively small live account trading with ForteFX with very basic settings (below you’ll also find a screenshot of them if you want to replicate them) that’s running since about 10 months now with a 50% gain.
ForteFX Steady Rock

ForteFX Steady Rock

ForteFX Steady Rock

On this account ForteFX trades on 4 charts (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP and EURCHF) with very “basic” settings. It uses the free hullMA indicator as trend indicator and a very safe linear martingale.

50% in 10 months may not seem much but it’s 5% per month meaning about 60% per year.

And that is done without you to do ANYTHING

Year by year you’ll get those kind of results. There have been years when this strategy made 50% and other years when it made more than 80%.

Ask your bank how much they give you for the money you have in your account each year? If you’re lucky probably you’ll get like 5%-10%, depends on where you live.

Ask your investment consultant how much his “products” made last year… or the year before.

Those performances are made without compounding. What I personally do is compound only once in a year or two, usually when I reach 100% profits, and I compound by a 50% so to keep everything safer and safer year by year but at the same time more profitable.

Thousands of “pimpers” already know and use ForteFX since years. After all those years I still get email from people that started using Crescendo and nor use ForteFX as the only EA they trust and run on their accounts.

Fancy EAs promising exceptional gain pass, but ForteFX is still alive and kicking after more than 5 years of trading.

If you are not one of them already, this is a one time occasion to start making steady profits using ForteFX.

For 48 hours, you can get ForteFX with a 50% discount using the following coupon:




48 Hours Left To Summer Sales End

Hi everyone,

a quick reminder about the shortcoming end of the Summer Sales Coupons validity.

Here are the coupons that are still available:

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Remember that you can use them to ANY of our indicators/EAs or even Elite subscriptions.

Be ready for the market restart with the best tools for Forex traders!

Have a great Sunday!


PotenzaFX an PowerbarsFX: HMA And Regular Versions

Hi everyone,

a quick post to announce that starting from today all the users of the regular PotenzaFX will have access to the PotenzaFX HMA version and vice versa.

In the download area you’ll find both the indicator sets and your email/account should be already authenticated.
So, starting from now, there will be no difference between the PotenzaFX regular and HMA indicator set.

The same applies to the PowerbarsFX regular and HMA version.

Remember that this is the last week (!!) of our Summer Sales and you can take advantage of it to buy any of our indicators/EA with a discount up to 40%.

Here are the discount coupons that are still valid:

40% Discount Coupon (only 5 left!)

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Have a great profitable Summer!


MT4 Build 800+ Important News 2

Hi everyone,

About a year ago MT4 did an upgrade which impacted most Expert Advisors. Most required changes and it took at least a month for the Forex industry to recover.

The latest MT4 800+ upgrade this week is starting to show the same type of problems. This is an industry wide challenge which makes the connections to Brokers unreliable and is causing windows error messages and servers to crash.

Based on feedback in the Forex industry forums etc on this MT4 build 800+ it is better off not to update to it at all, it is buggy big time, kills servers, makes MT4 connection to broker’s server unreliable etc…

If you have a chance then try to block the update to this 800, 825 and 830 builds – pretty much anything build number 800 or higher.

PimpMyEA is dealing with the problem as there are potentially serious issues with the MT4 platforms out there, the EAs being used.

So please do not update your MT4 platform at all. If you encounter problems with your EA and are getting window and unusual error messages consider closing all EAs down until we have more news.

Eventually try making the installations “portable” as we described in this post as this should minimize the impact of those problems.

Please visit the blog regularly (or even better, subscribe to it) for more information and to ask questions and to get updates on the situation.

Have a great weekend,