MT4 Build 800+ Important News 2

Hi everyone,

About a year ago MT4 did an upgrade which impacted most Expert Advisors. Most required changes and it took at least a month for the Forex industry to recover.

The latest MT4 800+ upgrade this week is starting to show the same type of problems. This is an industry wide challenge which makes the connections to Brokers unreliable and is causing windows error messages and servers to crash.

Based on feedback in the Forex industry forums etc on this MT4 build 800+ it is better off not to update to it at all, it is buggy big time, kills servers, makes MT4 connection to broker’s server unreliable etc…

If you have a chance then try to block the update to this 800, 825 and 830 builds – pretty much anything build number 800 or higher.

PimpMyEA is dealing with the problem as there are potentially serious issues with the MT4 platforms out there, the EAs being used.

So please do not update your MT4 platform at all. If you encounter problems with your EA and are getting window and unusual error messages consider closing all EAs down until we have more news.

Eventually try making the installations “portable” as we described in this post as this should minimize the impact of those problems.

Please visit the blog regularly (or even better, subscribe to it) for more information and to ask questions and to get updates on the situation.

Have a great weekend,

FREE Renko Charts Kit (EA + Indicators)

Hi everyone,

In the past weeks we’ve been talking more and more about no-time-based chart. In particular about Renko charts.

For those who still don’t know what is Renko charting… it is a tool that represents price movements by using boxes (or “bricks” as renko means brick in the Japanese language). If price has moved higher by a predetermined amount of pips, we add a new brick up. If it moves down of the same amount we add a box down.

Like for candles, “up boxes” and “down boxes” have different colors.

Below is an example of Renko chart on EURUSD. Every box is 15 pips and the white vertical lines are change of days. As you can see there are days when you only have one bar and days when you have tens. With no-time-based charts like Renko, you no longer focus on time but on real price movement that is what’s important for our trading.


The most important aspect about no-time-based charting is that they add candles/bricks/boxes only when price is moving and not simply when time passes. This way we have much clearer charts that are able to filter ranging periods (and so many false signals, etc).

Unfortunately MT4 is not able to display Renko charts but needs some additional programming to have them. There are a few of commercial solution but also some good free and open ones. We decided to use one of the best and most popular ones and “pimp” it to add some feature. We kept it free and open so that you can use and share it as you want and also look at the code and possibly modify it in order to suit your specific needs.

One of the main features we added is a procedure to automatically calculates the “best” box size for each instrument. It is based on the method we described here ( You can use it, use it as a simple “guide” and then set you preferred box size, or simply ignore it. This procedure is made to have a box size that is appropriate to medium/long term trading. If you want to scalp using Renko, you should use a fraction of the calculated box sizes.

We’ll keep on working on it and “pimp” it further with additional features. If you have any idea please contact us and we’ll try to integrate it.

The Renko charts are generated by an EA that creates the “offline” charts with renko boxes. Don’t be scared as it is very easy to use. With the free kit you’ll also have access to instructions on how to use it, but the EA itself will guide you through the simple steps required to have your Renko charts up and running.

To give you an idea of how much Renko charts are a step forward success in trading, we also developed (and released it freely and as open code) a set of “regular” indicators but in a special flavor:

  • Parabolic SAR BARS
    this is the regular Parabolic SAR indicator (with “optimized” defaul settings or Renko) but shown as red/green bars. Green bars mean that we are in an up trend, red ones that we are in a down trend. We have green bars when the PSAR is below the close price, and red ones when the PSAR is above the close price.
  • Hull Moving Average BARS
    this is the regular Hull Moving Average indicator but shown as red/green bars. Green bars mean that we are in an up trend, red ones that we are in a down trend. We have green bars when the HMA is going up, and red bars when it points down.
  • Demark BARS
    this is the regular Demark indicator but shown as red/green bars. Green bars mean that we are in an up trend, red ones that we are in a short trend. We have green bars when the HMA is going up, and red bars when it points down.
  • MACD (bicolor)
    this is the regular MACD (with “optimized” defaul settings or Renko) but shown as red/green bars. Green bars mean that we are in an up trend, red ones that we are in a down trend. We have green bars when the MACD is going up, and red bars when it points down. You can also use the yellow line (Signal SMA) as a long term filter. When the MACD is above the yellow line we are in a long term up trend, while when it is below we are in a long term down trend. To mix them together you can only take long signals (green bars) when the MACD is above the Signal SMA (yellow line) and viceversa, take only the sell signals (red bars) when the MACD is below the yellow line.

This FREE Renko kit is a real complete set of EA and indicators. We also added a template to make it even easier for you to start trading with Renko.

renko full kit

During the past few weeks we made some very good trade simply by using these indicators applied to Renko charts. We’ve seen that there’s no a specific “best indicator” that suits every situation, because the optimal indicator depends on pairs, volatility, etc. Feel free to experiment. We already have some good trading system that we are testing and automating.

Get You Free Renko KIT:

One of the best things about Renko is that it also makes trading with good tools even better. Actually we are using Renko charts together with a couple of our most successful indicators: FuturoFX and SpaghettiFX.

renko + spaghetti + futuro

If you own them, you’ll also find a couple of ready made templates to apply FuturoFX and/or SpaghettiFX to Renko charts. If you don’t own them yet, after downloading the FREE Renko kit, you’ll also receive a discount coupon to give you the chance to use them at a special price.

Again, feel free to experiment as much as possible with this free Renko package and send us your comments 😉


Get You Free Renko KIT:

NuovaFX Out Now!


Hi everyone,

how many times you’ve been told to be careful because a big news (usually NFP) is about to be released?

How many times your trading has been caught into a spike in the opposite side due to a a news you didn’t think about?

As traders and developers we know that and we usually put an option in our EAs in order to keep them “on hold” during such risky scenarios. But so far the only choice was a static option that required to be manually enabled/disabled when needed.

We’ve been working on trading filters since the early days of and we know well that the “news” filter is definitely one of the most asked and needed among trading filters.

Recently we decided to tackle once and for all the problems related to news filters. We wanted to do something really useful and we are proud to say that we finally have a tool that meets all our requirements. And one big requirement was the possibility to integrate this “news” tool into our EAs.

NuovaFX is an indicator that has a double nature in order to suit perfectly the needs of both

  • manual traders
  • automatic traders
  • and everyone in between 😀

For manual traders NuovaFX is the perfect tool for showing – directly on a MT4 chart – past news, upcoming news and for receiving audible and visual alerts. You’ll finally be able to keep track and be automatically alerted of all news without ever steering away from your MT4 platform.

Just give a look at the picture below and you’ll realize that NuovaFX is a real command center of Forex news 😉


To make it even more useful we added alerts that can be sent directly to your smartphone/tablet with MT4 installed. This is a very handy feature that will let you be updated wherever you are. And you won’t miss a trading opportunity anymore.

We already disclosed a very interesting and profitable “News Trap Reversal” strategy that is the perfect fit for NuovaFX, but you can manually backtest and take advantage of many other “news strategies” once you have NuovaFX installed on your platform. You may come up with your own strategy or twist one of those we developed like Forex Diver and/or SpaghettiFX.

The second nature of NuovaFX is devoted to automatic traders. NuovaFX  can be used by EAs in order to refrain from executing new trades before and after specific news. The EA will still be able to monitor and to close the open trades, but won’t add new ones during those super-flat periods before important news and during spikes at the moment when news are issued.

It’s important to stress that NuovaFX does not depend on any external news source. It is made by us for “Pimpers only” and uses data coming directly from our server. So we are sure that it’ll always keep on working and will always be updated.

We also give you the source code of a skeleton Expert Advisor so that you can integrate NuovaFX into your own personal EAs in no time!

We already updated our most popular EAs to take advantage of it and starting from now you can set how many minutes before and after a news with a defined impact, trades will be put on hold… automatically!

The indicator checks for updated news scheduling every 12 hours by fetching data on our websites and downloading them only if needed so to have very small and quick updates.

Again… automatically!

Finally, with NuovaFX you can run our EAs more and more safely knowing that they can only profit from news and no longer being caught in them.


NuovaFX works with EAs that have been updated to support it.

But you can also use it to add news filtering to your personal EAs (you need the source code for that) as we provide you an example code and instructions to do so.

It won’t work with EAs that you don’t have the source code of.

What You Get

  • The “NuovaFX” indicator
  • A skeleton EA to learn how to integrate NuovaFX into your EAs
  • An always updated online manual
  • Email Support

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the NuovaFX indicator you can buy it from here.

NuovaFX Indicator $79,99

  • The “NuovaFX” indicator
  • A skeleton EA to learn how to integrate into yours
  • An always updated online manual
  • Email Support

The indicator works on every MT4 platform and can be applied to any timeframe.


Please review our Refund Policy

How To Use Our Indicators In Your EAs 8

Salve a tutti,

in the past weeks we’ve been asked a few times on how to embedd our indicators into custom EAs.

Well, it’s quite simple.

MQL4 (the programming language of MT4) let you do that by using the “iCustom” function. It calculates the specified custom indicator and returns its value. The custom indicator must be compiled (*.EX4 file) and be in the “YOUR_MT4\experts\indicators” directory.

Here’s how the function is called:

iCustom( string symbol, int timeframe, string name, ..., int mode, int shift)

The parameters are:

  • symbol – Is the symbol the data of which should be used to calculate indicator. NULL (or 0 or “Symbol()”) means the current symbol.
  • timeframe – It can be any of  timeframe value. 0 means the current chart timeframe.
  • name – Is the name of the indicator compiled program name. The name must be exaclty the name of the file without the “.ex4″.
  • – Indicator’s parameters set (optional). The passed parameters and their order must correspond with the desclaration order and the type of extern variables of the custom indicator. It is very important that the order is exact and pay attention to it.
  • mode – Is the line index. Can be from 0 to 7 and must correspond with the index used by one of SetIndexBuffer functions (more on that later).
  • shift – Is the shift relative to the current bar the given amount of periods ago.