MT4 Build 800+ Important News 2

Hi everyone,

About a year ago MT4 did an upgrade which impacted most Expert Advisors. Most required changes and it took at least a month for the Forex industry to recover.

The latest MT4 800+ upgrade this week is starting to show the same type of problems. This is an industry wide challenge which makes the connections to Brokers unreliable and is causing windows error messages and servers to crash.

Based on feedback in the Forex industry forums etc on this MT4 build 800+ it is better off not to update to it at all, it is buggy big time, kills servers, makes MT4 connection to broker’s server unreliable etc…

If you have a chance then try to block the update to this 800, 825 and 830 builds – pretty much anything build number 800 or higher.

PimpMyEA is dealing with the problem as there are potentially serious issues with the MT4 platforms out there, the EAs being used.

So please do not update your MT4 platform at all. If you encounter problems with your EA and are getting window and unusual error messages consider closing all EAs down until we have more news.

Eventually try making the installations “portable” as we described in this post as this should minimize the impact of those problems.

Please visit the blog regularly (or even better, subscribe to it) for more information and to ask questions and to get updates on the situation.

Have a great weekend,

OndaFX Best EA on FXPro EA’s Library For September 1

Hi everyone,

maybe you don’t know yet but FXPro – the largest Forex broker worldwide – has a library of free and commercial EAs “approved” by them. has been the first commercial EA developer choosen by FXPro to test EAs and the first to have EAs available online. FXPro customers can check real-time live performances and get EAs and trade them on their live accounts.

Well, we are very proud to say that OndaFX has been the BEST EA for the month of September 2013.

PercivalFX (EURUSD 1H + EURUSD 4H) is 4th 😉 We’ll work to have all our EAs on their library so that we can own all the top 5 😀

We introduce FXPro as one of the best brokers to trade our EAs.

If you want to open a demo account click here:

or a live account click here:

this way FXPro will “recognize” you as a EA user and give you the chance to use microlots (0.01 lots) as the minimum instead of mini lots (0.1).

This is one of the things we’ve been able to get for automatic traders 😉

Have a great trading month,

Andrea and Paolo

What One4All Can Do For ReticoloFX 2

Salve a tutti,

as you know yesterday we released One4All, a very powerful piece of software – born with NFA rules in mind – that is one the most versatile and useful trading tools we developed so far.

To give you a demonstration of what I’m saying I want to show you a couple of screenshots: the first shows you all 8 the ReticoloFX platforms with all the actually open orders. The second shows you how One4All “summarizes” everything into one live platform, dramatically reducing the number of trades open and so spreads and commissions, anonymizes the EAs running (the broker doesn’t know which EAs or trading strategies you’re running) and also does let you have full control and monitoring capabilities on each of the EAs.

One4All gives every serious trader the possibility to

turn this…

into this…

and keep (and probably improve) performances!

If you already bought ReticoloFX you should already have received an email from us with your coupon for an additional $10 discount from One4All already discounted price (for one week only!)

If you haven’t please contact us and we’ll send it to you again.

In case you still don’t have ReticoloFX, this is the time to get it and have your discounted price on One4All as well to have your professional automatic trading solution at a unique price.

One4All – The Clever Way Of Forex Trading

When the NFA imposed the FIFO (First In – First Out) and no-hedging rules in 2009, many claimed that it was the end of Forex trading in the US… and, somehow, it was.

If you are a US citizen you then you know that trading Forex has become much more difficult, and making money from Forex is much harder than before.

Even if an individual robot can claim to be compliant with the NFA rules, that is no longer relevant if you want to run more than one EA on the same account and/or place manual trades – trading more than one simple system becomes almost impossible.

Finally, we developed a solution that gives you back the “original” trading freedom you once enjoyed… and much more.

One4All is a trading tool that has been developed with the NFA rules in mind, but is actually so useful that should be used by every trader wanting to make real money with manual and automatic trading systems.


One4All collates and aggregates all trades from any number of non-NFA demo accounts and replicates them into a “master” (live or demo) account as a net position – all in real time.

You trade freely on the demo account(s) and everything is “summarized” on your live account by summing up the value of all open positions on each demo account for each currency pair. The net position is then automatically, and almost instantly, adjusted on the master platform as new orders are opened and closed on the demo ones.

Here’s a video introduction giving you more details:


The architecture is very simple and we wanted to keep things that way to ensure it was a very easy product to use that “just worked”. And we did it! :)


You simply need to attach a “client” EA to a single chart on each demo platform (you may only require one demo account, but you can use as many as you want) and one “server” EA on the master platform for each pair you want to trade (a license allows one master account).

Configuration is very very easy. On the client platform(s), all you have to do is to specify the directory of the master MT4 platform and optionally set some simple options (lot size multiplier, optional filters, etc). In most of the cases the master MT4 platform directory is the only option you’ll need to set.

On the master platform, things are even easier! You simply attach a One4All “server” EA to each of the currency pairs that you want to be traded. That’s it.

Along with the always-updated online manual, you’ll also have access to some instructional videos showing how simple it is to install and configure each side.


We want to show you the potential of One4All with a couple of live demonstration videos.

You’ll see a pretty simple environment with a couple of clients installed on demo accounts from two different brokers, and one server installed on a 3rd broker which enforces the FIFO/No-Hedge rules. We’ll show you that you can do whatever you want on your demo accounts and that every change is “summarized” into the lowest possible number of trades on the master account – all fully compliant with the FIFO/No-Hedge rules.

Here are the videos (don’t forget to select 720HD and “Full screen” for better viewing):


No-Hedge Rule


  • Complete compliance with NFA FIFO/No-Hedging rules, yet supporting any number (and mix) of EAs and manual strategies!
  • Dramatic reduction in the number of trades opened which reduces spreads and commissions paid to the broker.
  • Separation of environments so you can easy monitor the performance of each EA / system individually and avoid unwanted interference between them – run each EA on its own platform / demo account if you want.
  • Balancing of trading systems in your portfolio. You can set a “multiplier” for the size to open orders which means you can decrease the size of orders opened by a losing EA / trading strategy and increase the sizes of winning ones.
  • “Suspend” an EA. You can still allow individual EAs to run on your demo account(s) but, if you decide that the market conditions are not good for them to trade live (for example: during summer or holidays) then you can prevent those trades from being replicated to the master account. Perfect if you want to do “equity trading”.
  • Hide EAs from your broker. One4All completely “anonymizes” EAs by removing all trade comments and magic numbers during the aggregation process. No more dirty tricks from brokers!
  • Flexible filtering: you can filter trades based on currency pair, magic number or comment.
  • Fast execution time: usually under 1 second but depends on the number of clients and open orders.
  • Easy installation and configuration: it REALLY takes just a few minutes to install and setup.
  • Already tested on tens of US and non-US brokers, such as: Alpari US, ATC Brokers, FX Solutions, (Gain Capital), FXDD, IBFX US, MB Trading, GFT, DirectFX, FXCM AU, Go Markets, IBFX AU, Pepperstone, ActivTrades, Alpari UK, FXCM UK, FxPro, Gallant Capital Markets, IamFX and MIG Bank.


  • All US Forex traders! :)
  • Any Forex traders running multiple EAs and/or manual trading strategies


Here’s are a few words from beta-testers who had the chance to use it already:

“When I first read your blog entry about One4all, I was expecting some complicated software, but actually, it’s easy to use and understand, and the system looks really nice. I like software you can run with minimum additional settings that just works as required, which is exactly what One4all offers.”

“It will save me a lot of time. I am not using a US-based broker so I do not care about FIFO or hedging limitations. I actually have no limitations from my broker but I am running 2 EAs (all Crescendo pairs and all ReticoloFX EAs) plus manual trades on single real account. I check things regularly – several times per week to verify closed and open trades, to see how each EA is working, what portion of actual DD comes from which EA, what actual margin is being used by each EA and so on.”

“visible, positive impact for overall profit since the total number of open trades will be lower.”

“Andrea, Paolo – you did it again! A really good job. I highly recommend all your products, not just this one. Please keep up your efforts – I am really looking forward to additional things you develop.”


  • Two installers (one for the Server and one for the Client)
  • Two EAs (one for the Server and one for the Client)
  • A server-side service script
  • An always-updated online manual
  • Instructional videos on how to install and configure things
  • Email support

Ready To Buy?

Get One4All with just a one-time payment of $99.99 and start the new trading week with a smarter, more flexible and more profitable, broker-busting system!

One4All Trading Tool (MT4) – $124.99The One4All Trading Tool will help you trades in the best conditions, without any rule restrictions, dramatically lowering the number of trades open, anonymizing your strategies and reducing the spreads/commissions paid to your broker.

“One4All” works on every MT4 platform.


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