Another 252 Pips Ride with DuettoFX 17

Ciao a Tutti,

from the title you may remember another post I wrote about 1 month ago:

The downfall of EURUSD that we saw in the last few days is surprisingly similar to the one that started on the 29th of February. History repeats itself (just after 1 month!). And DuettoFX repeats an astonishing performance.

Click on the chart below for a better view:

As you can see the “DuettoFX Swing Trader” EA is happy and running on this account :-) It was responsible for a +147.8 pips short trade that lasted just 36 hours. The red horizontal dotted lines show SL, entry price and TP starting from the top of the chart. This was the first trade executed on EURUSD by the Swing Trader EA after that it was released to the public. Trading a measly 1 minilot most customers had the opportunity to recoup the cost of the EAs on their very first trade 😀

By the way, if you want to join the “automatic DuettoFX” family here is the link:

I was also very happy to see another +104.2 pips winning trade that was closed on take profit shortly before the “swing” trade was triggered. I must thank the “DuettoFX Inverso Trader” EA for this one :-) The yellow horizontal dotted lines show SL, entry price and TP starting from the top of the chart. A wonderful 1:3.5 risk:reward ratio on this trade: risking 2% you can make a 7% return. I love the Inverso Trader for this reason: very high percentage of winning trades and very low risk:reward ratio on most of the trades. I’m testing this EA and I have a feeling it is even more powerful than the companion Traders we just released.

I hope you can make lots of pips using DuettoFX, either manually or with the EAs. We are working on improving the strategies, so if you have joined our DuettoFX family stay tuned 😉

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17 thoughts on “Another 252 Pips Ride with DuettoFX

  • Laszlo

    Hi Andrea, hi Paolo,

    my Swing Trader interfaces are black on all charts, while tthose at DLS Trader are colourful. The indicator itself is not black either.
    Is black OK for such a long time?
    Please let me know.

    Thanks and regards

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Laszlo, thanks for reporting. The colorful interface on the DLS trader is caused by the “virtual” spread calculated by the DLS taking into account both the spread_multiplier and wave_trailing parameters. In the next update the DLS and Swing EAs will have the same colorful background.

  • Shin

    Ciao Andrea,

    I am running DuettoFX EAs on my demo since yesterday through the drama on EURUSD, AUDUSD and so far no trade.
    I did all the basic setup correct and all other EAs are running on other MT4s.

    Was there anything that I have to change from the default except for inputting currency pairs?


    BTW, Guardian is crushing VPS sometimes…

    Shin Ono

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Shin,
      maybe your broker does not use standard symbols for the currency pairs, in this case you should modify the input parameters instrument_1 and instrument_2. The default params work only for a EURUSD chart for the duetto “EURUSD vs USDCHF”. You can send an email to support for further support. We know the problems with Guardian, especially on VPS, and we are testing another protection mechanism which does not require any software external to MT4.

  • Adrian

    Hi Andrea and Paolo,
    DuettoFX Inverso Trader EA is looking very promising but I thought You mention that spotting divergences are something almost impossible to put into code.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Adrian, I’ve listed a set of simple mechanical rules and then I’ve gone through the recent history of EURUSD and GBPUSD to see if the rules were able to spot all the relevant divergences (both regular and hidden divergences). I was afraid that the rules would identify lots of false divergence patterns. This is a very typical situation when trying to put into code something that our eyes would spot very easily on a chart. My surprise was that the rules actually identify many more divergences that I would have identified with my usual analysis, however also these “minor” divergences trigger trades that reach their take profit in the vast majority of cases. At this point of course I was very excited about this technique and I coded an EA that is able to spot divergences using those mechanical rules. This is how “DuettoFX Inverso Trader” was born 😉

  • mosah

    I installed the new versions of both DuettoFX (DLS & Swing) on 2 Pc. So i have 4 MT4 running all running with default setting.
    There is no open trade from yesterday. The previous versions were working fine.
    Is there something I have to change from the default except (instrument_1 & instrument_2)?

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Mosah, the default settings on both v1.0 and v1.1 are the same and you are not supposed to change anything in both cases. Please understand that the EAs wait for the “first cross” of the spread line before entering their very first trade. Therefore if you attach the EA to a chart when there is a big red cloud on DuettoFX indicator the EA will open its first Long trade only when a new green cloud is forming. This could take hours, days or even a couple of weeks depending on the market situation.

  • mosah

    Hi Andrea and Paolo,
    There is something wrong with these new versions.
    Downloaded the last updated version at 04/05/2012 00:00
    I opened new demo accounts and i can’t attach any EA to any chart.
    Help please

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi, please send an email to support with a screenshot of your Guardian console and MT4 platform. The v1.1 is identical to v1.0 with the exception of the algorithm generating the magic number.

    • Paolo Post author

      Ok Shin, maybe you have attached the EA to your chart when the spread on EURUSD was already below the zero line. In this case the EA will open a Long trade as its very first trade, when a new green cloud is forming. If this is not your case, please send an email to our support, so we can assist you better.

  • Andrew

    I have had the same problem as Shin. No trades at all on either the DLS or Swing versions even though I have them running on 8 and 3 charts respectively. Instrument inputs all correctly set for each duetto. They are on demo accounts, not on VPS, and the symbols have no suffixes. All have smiley faces.

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Andrew, as I’ve said in the other comments the problem may only be the “time” when you first attached the EAs to charts. All the EAs wait the first cross of spread line through the zero line before entering their first trade. Try and execute the EAs on a M1 and/or M5 chart and see what happens. Trades should be much more frequent in that case.

  • Todd

    Hi Paolo
    Inverso looks pretty good.
    My question is can you build this into with Duetto Swing Trader EA so to help with margin?
    Also does it seem to work out with other Duetto’s?
    Pip On

    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Todd I’ve only performed maual backtests on EURUSD and GBPUSD (both of them in the duetto vs USDCHF). The Inverso Trader is a completely distinct EA from the DLS Trader and the Swing Trader. It can help with margin because it will typically enter a trade in the opposite direction of the Swing Trader when there is a trade that is coming to exhaustion. If used in combination with a “always in the market” swing strategy the Inverso Trader may signal the right time for manually closing a trade. I must test this new EA before confirming all these conjectures 😉

  • Shin Ono

    OK folks,

    I understood that it may take a while to see an action, so I tested to see if it trades by putting a chart in M5, then it made many trades when the EURUSD spiked. THIS IS JUST A TEST and not recommended to do it on a live account!