Added Live Chat Feature 4

Salve a tutti,

if you look at the bottom right of the webpage you can now see a small bar with a bold “chat” written in it.

If you click there a chat window will open.

This is the new live chat room. You can chat as a guest or register (that’s better).

You can chat in the general tab, or one by one with another guest of the chat room simply by selecting him/her from the list on the right.

It’s just an experiment and if it’ll create problems I’ll delete it immediately. It’s there to talk about (mainly) automatic trading.

A few very important rules:

  • rule n.1 is RESPECT, for everyone and everything. That means no bad words, no offence to anyone for any reason.
  • rule n.2 is NO TRADE SUGGESTION. Entry levels, exits, forecasts about what a certain pair will do or go and similar things are not allowed here. And if that happens and you follow them and you loose money it’s your fault. You can’t blame anyone. In any case, avoid as hell to do any kind of forecasting.
  • rule n.3 try to keep the discussion about AUTOMATIC TRADING in the general chat. If you want to discuss about personal things you can do a one-by-one chat.
  • rule n.4 is RESPECT again 😀

I can’t be online 24 hours a day, and can’t moderate it 24 hours a day, so I strongly rely on your intelligence about how the chat goes.

If it happens something that you feel goes against the above rules, please report it to me so that I can be aware of that and take counter-measures.

Again… this is just an experiment and I do that because I feel that this is becoming more and more a community, and I feel your desire of communicating each other and with me in real time.

I hope you like the idea and you’ll use it well (please!).

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4 thoughts on “Added Live Chat Feature

  • Bruce Hands


    I just tried to 'click' on the box mentioned and nothing happened for me. I did click on the word 'chat' and the website opened but thats as far as I could go.

    Using Safari browser 5.0.3

    Any Windows users moving forward with this Live Chat Feature?


    Bruce H

    Montana USA

  • Bruce Hands


    Right after making this post there was an emboldened 'chat' word on the right hand side of the bar. This was not there when I first logged on. It shouldn't require a post to refresh the browser so I do't understand, but I did click on it and I do see the feature you made available.


    Bruce H

    Montana USA