48 Hours Left To Get OndaFX and OndaFX Scalper Together 2

OndaFX Box small2Hi everyone,

we have just released OndaFX v1.08 and OndaFX_Scalper v1.08. This update is available in 2 versions: one version compiled on MT4 build 509 and another version compiled on MT4 Build 610. In the download area you’ll find the new files “B610_OndaFX.ex4” and “B610_OndaFX_Scalper.ex4” which can run only on a MT4 build version 610 or higher.

As you probably remember we released the new EA named OndaFX_Scalper just a feww week ago … a sort of “little” brother of OndaFX. You can read more about it here:


The news strategy is solid and we decided that starting from March 1st our new EA OndaFX_Scalper will be sold by itself and no longer part of the “OndaFX package” as it’s now.

So if you’re still deciding if buying OndaFX or not, this can be one more reason to take two at the price of one 😉


Have a great trading day :-)

Andrea and Paolo

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2 thoughts on “48 Hours Left To Get OndaFX and OndaFX Scalper Together

  • Tim

    Hi Guys,

    Did you send out a notification email with the download link for V1.08? If so, I didn’t receive the email for some reason.


    • Paolo Post author

      Hi Tim, no we didn’t send the email this time because the update v1.08 is not critical. We just cleaned the code and made it uniform between the two builds 509 and 610.