Daily Archives: June 18, 2015

MT4 Build 840 And ConcertoFX 3

Hi everyone,

I spent the last few days testing almost every EA and indicator we developed under MT4 Build 830/840.

It seems that everything runs as expected.

I still have doubts about the HART EA as it’s been reported that it seems it’s not opening any trades. I’ll do more tests on Renko based EAs (HART and Forte4Renko) later today.

While testing, I realized that our ConcertoFX demo was stuck.

The scoring on most of the pairs was missing a timeframe. So the sum of long and short trend score was 5 instead of the expected 6. That means that the EA wasn’t able to open new trades on those pairs.

I still don’t know if that happened in the passage to MT4 Build 8XX, but a timeframe (in my specific case it was the Weekly one) didn’t had enough historical bars to calculate the whole score.

Once the situation was “unlocked” ConcertoFX made 3% in less than one day!

I’m addressing that in the coming update so that the EA will always check that the total score is correct to avoid such problems.

In the meanwhile please check that your ConcertoFX has data for all the timeframes it needs to trade.

As said, I spent all the week testing for the new build and the awaited ConcertoFX updated shifted again.

Please send us an email or report below any issue you’re having with the new build so that we can verify it and eventually solve the problem.

Thanks everyone and have a good day,