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MT4 Build 840 And ConcertoFX 3

Hi everyone,

I spent the last few days testing almost every EA and indicator we developed under MT4 Build 830/840.

It seems that everything runs as expected.

I still have doubts about the HART EA as it’s been reported that it seems it’s not opening any trades. I’ll do more tests on Renko based EAs (HART and Forte4Renko) later today.

While testing, I realized that our ConcertoFX demo was stuck.

The scoring on most of the pairs was missing a timeframe. So the sum of long and short trend score was 5 instead of the expected 6. That means that the EA wasn’t able to open new trades on those pairs.

I still don’t know if that happened in the passage to MT4 Build 8XX, but a timeframe (in my specific case it was the Weekly one) didn’t had enough historical bars to calculate the whole score.

Once the situation was “unlocked” ConcertoFX made 3% in less than one day!

I’m addressing that in the coming update so that the EA will always check that the total score is correct to avoid such problems.

In the meanwhile please check that your ConcertoFX has data for all the timeframes it needs to trade.

As said, I spent all the week testing for the new build and the awaited ConcertoFX updated shifted again.

Please send us an email or report below any issue you’re having with the new build so that we can verify it and eventually solve the problem.

Thanks everyone and have a good day,


MT4 Build 800+ Important News 2

Hi everyone,

About a year ago MT4 did an upgrade which impacted most Expert Advisors. Most required changes and it took at least a month for the Forex industry to recover.

The latest MT4 800+ upgrade this week is starting to show the same type of problems. This is an industry wide challenge which makes the connections to Brokers unreliable and is causing windows error messages and servers to crash.

Based on feedback in the Forex industry forums etc on this MT4 build 800+ it is better off not to update to it at all, it is buggy big time, kills servers, makes MT4 connection to broker’s server unreliable etc…

If you have a chance then try to block the update to this 800, 825 and 830 builds – pretty much anything build number 800 or higher.

PimpMyEA is dealing with the problem as there are potentially serious issues with the MT4 platforms out there, the EAs being used.

So please do not update your MT4 platform at all. If you encounter problems with your EA and are getting window and unusual error messages consider closing all EAs down until we have more news.

Eventually try making the installations “portable” as we described in this post as this should minimize the impact of those problems.

Please visit the blog regularly (or even better, subscribe to it) for more information and to ask questions and to get updates on the situation.

Have a great weekend,

How To Have An MT4 Portable Installation 5

Hi everyone,

today I want to share with you a little part of my operativity tricks.

Since the release of the first build 6xx a lot of things in the MetaTrader 4 platform has been moved.

Before build 6xx fundamentally everything you needed to run MT4 was within the installation directory and you could easily “clone” that platform with a simple “copy&paste” of the folder.

Now it is no longer that way as indicators/EAs/libraries/etc are by default installed in a “per user” directory (“C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming…”).

If you, like me, want to come back and having a “portable” version of the MT4 platform here’s how you can do it.

  1. Install the MT4 platform of your broker (if you haven’t done it already)
  2. It should create an icon on your desktop, right click it and select “Open File Location”. This should bring you to the directory where you should be able to see various directories (config/history/logs… etc). There you’ll find the most important file that is the “terminal.exe”. This is the MT4 Application
  3. Right click the “terminal.exe” file and select “create shortcut”. This should create a “terminal.exe …” file that is a “link” to the original one
  4. Right click the shortcut you just created and select “Properties”
  5. In the “Target” field, go to the very end of it and add ” /portable” (without quotation marks! and with a space in front of it). So for example your Target now it should be: “C:\Program Files\MT4 Broker\terminal.exe” /portable
  6. Close the Properties and rename the shortcut to something like “MT4 PORTABLE” or whatever you want
  7. Double click the “shortcut” and the MT4 platform should open but this time in portable mode. This means that everything you’ll need will be within that “MT4 Broker” folder and indicators/EAs/libraries/etc. will be places into the newly created “MQL4″ directory.
  8. Now you can copy&paste that platform as you want. You can place it into a USB key so that you’ll have all your platforms handy and able to trade on any PC.

All the indicators, EAs, libraries and includes have to be copied into the related directory INSIDE the “MQL4″ one!

If you want a multi-broker platform you can copy the “.srv” files from the “config” directory of any broker into the “config” file of this portable directory so that when you start a new demo account or use a live one, it does let you choose the server you want to use for it and it can be from any of the brokers with the “.srv” files in that folder.

I hope you find this trick useful and let me know if and how you’re going to use it.

Have a good trading day,


And The Winner Is…


Hi everyone,

June 5th has arrived and it’s time to announce the winner of a Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch.

We extracted the name between the owners of the 90 licenses of ConcertoFX we sold so far.

But let’s come to the winners of this fantastic smartwatch… drum roll, please…


Many compliments and thanks again to all those who decided to buy ConcertoFX.

There are still 10 licenses left with 33% off and 3 months of free Elite membership.

Probably this weekend we’ll release an updated version of ConcertoFX. Will give you all the information about it, when it’ll be available. It is under stress test now :)

Have a great weekend,