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Tick Indicators: Your Bar Microscope! 2

Hi Everyone,

Today we released our first Elite members exclusive content: the “Tick Indicators” set.

Working with Tick Indicators is like using a microscope which is able to reveal the secret of every single bar.

They can be used on every timeframe, starting from the lowest one (1 minute – M1) up to monthly (MN1), depending on your trading style.

Scalpers will surely find the tick indicators incredibly valuable for their strategies, but also medium and long term traders may find some interesting clues by looking at them.

Here is a description of the two indicators along with some hints on how to use them.


Tick Volume
This indicator gives you an in depth idea of how a bar did form.
It shows you how many long and short ticks were necessary to form a bar.
By using it, you’ll notice that bars with a particularly high tick volume may be considered trend turning points.


Tick Ratio
The tick ratio indicator calculates the ratio between long and short ticks for each bar. By applying a moving average to the ratio we’ve found that it is an invaluable timely trend indicator. Not counting that it also works incredibly well as a divergence indicator.

Those are our core trading ideas based on our trading experience with them. Start with them and probably you’ll find other signals coming from them.

Tick data are not stored locally in MT4, and only work with real time charts. For this reason we implemented a feature in the indicators to be able to store real time data locally. Doing so when you restart the MT4 platform you won’t lose the past tick data already processed by the Tick Indicators.

As most of our indicators, Tick Indicators can also be easily integrated into your automatic trading strategies and we are working on developing EAs based on them.

Both Tick Indicators are available now for FREE and EXCLUSIVELY to all the Elite members! You can’t buy them.

If you are not yet an Elite member, this may be the right opportunity for you to become a member of the PimpMyEA.com community and have access to more than 10 commercial EAs and 20 unique indicators/trading systems.

You can read more about the Elite membership here:

Have a great trading day!

Andrea and Paolo