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PimpMyEA.com Elite Membership 3


Introducing PimpMyEA.com “Elite”

…10+ Expert Advisors and 15+ Indicators/Trading Systems available now!


For the first time in the Forex market, you’ll have the chance to use ANY of the automatic or manual trading strategies which are currently available on PimpMyEA.com. Everything we developed in the last 4 years as well as all the new releases can be yours for only $13.33/month (or less!).

It doesn’t matter which kind of trader you are, you’ll surely find the tools that suit best your trading style. Feel free to try and experiment any of them. Mix them!

Find your way to successful trading today!

You’ll also have access to all the updated manuals and videos.

We are also developing special content dedicated ONLY to our “Elite” members.

To give you maximum flexibility, you can choose among 3 different solutions:

QUARTERLY subscription

every 3 month


HALF-YEARLY subscription

every 6 months


YEARLY subscription

every year





Choose the best one for you.

Frequently Asked Question

What is PimpMyEA.com Elite Membership?

It is the first service giving you full access to a unique set of commercial Forex trading software. You’ll also have access to new releases and updates that will come in the future.

How do I have access to the EAs and indicators?

You simply download and install them and use the email account you used to subscribe to the service for the authorization of each EA and Custom Indicator.

Which EAs and Indicators can I download and use once I’m an ELITE member?

Simply ALL the EAs and Indicators available in the PimpMyEA.com website.

Here’s the list of the currently available EAs:

  • ConcertoFX
  • Forte4Renko
  • ForteFX
  • FortissimoFX
  • OndaFX
  • OndaFX Scalper
  • H.A.R.T.
  • One4All
  • PercivalFX
  • PotenzaFX DLS Trader
  • ReticoloFX
  • Spaghetti Trader

And here is the list of the currently available Indicators/Trading Systems:

  • Correlation Matrix
  • Cruscotto
  • DuettoFX
  • Forex Diver
  • FuturoFX
  • NuovaFX
  • PaniereFX
  • PotenzaFX
  • PotenzaFX Groups
  • PowerBarsFX
  • RangoFX
  • RepetitaFX
  • ResistenzaFX
  • ScissorsFX
  • SintesiFX
  • SpaghettiFX
  • Tick Indicators

You’ll also be able to have free access to all the other products that will be released in the future.

On how many devices can I install the products included in the Membership?

You’ll be able to use the EAs and Indicators on ANY demo platform but on just ONE live account. If you want to use them on additional live accounts, you can purchase additional “Elite” licenses with a 50% discount.

How can I subscribe to it?

Simply select any of the above 4 plans (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly) and start downloading the software. In max 24 hours you’ll be authorized and you can start trading using anything you like for as long as you’ll be subscribed to the service.

What if I need more licenses for additional live accounts?

You can buy them using the following links with a 50% discount over the regular price:

QUARTERLY subscription

every 3 month


HALF-YEARLY subscription

every 6 months


YEARLY subscription

every year





What if I already own one or more of your EAs/Indicators?

That software will be yours for life. Even if you decide to unsubscribe from the “flat” service.

How can I unsubscribe from the Elite Membership?

Send us an email and we’ll stop your subscription starting from the following renewal. So your subscription will still be valid up to the day of the expected renewal.