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ForteFX v1.10 – A Better Way Of Trading 10

ForteFX_Box_SMALLHi Everyone,

we have just released ForteFX v1.10. This update is available in 2 versions: one version compiled on MT4 build 509 and another version compiled on MT4 Build 610. In the download area you’ll find the new file “B610_ForteFX.ex4” which can run only on a MT4 build version 610 or higher.

As you probably know ForteFX is churning profits day after day with our suggested “best settings” and we are now at 58.28% profits after 8 months of trading (current drawdown is only -2.73%).

With the current update v1.10 we hope to improve the performance even more.  We have introduced ATR (Average True Range) calculations for both the “order_step” and the “target_profit“. These new features can be enabled by the user through the input settings. By default ForteFX v1.10 works with a fixed order_step and a fixed target_profit like the previous version.

We believe that using proper ATR settings ForteFX can sensibly improve its profitability.

As an example the following table shows how ForteFX can cash substantially more money when it comes out from a drawdown period (in other words when its total exposure on a given pair gets increasingly larger):


At the same time trades get placed at a more reasonable distance when the “atr order step” is enabled, since ForteFX requires a larger distance from a trade and the next one when volatility increases.

If you want to have an idea of the steady progression of ForteFX during the last few months you can give a look at these monthly posts:

The good news is that if you are considering adding ForteFX to your trading arsenal this is just the right time :-) Here is a 25% DISCOUNT COUPON code that you can use:


Don’t delay because this coupon is only valid until February 28th: http://pimpmyea.com/fortefx

Have a great trading day :-)