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One4All major Update v1.08

One4AllBoxHi Everyone,

we have just released One4All v1.08. This is the first product in our store available in 2 versions: one version compiled on MT4 build 509 and another version compiled on MT4 Build 610. In the download area you’ll find the new files “B610_one4all_client.ex4” and “B610_one4all_server.ex4” which can run only on a MT4 build version 610 or higher.

Coding One4All under Build 610 was harder than expected, but fortunately the new version is now completed and it has several advantages over the v1.07:

  • cross-compatibility between the “old” (like 509) and “new” (like 610) MT4 build versions
  • advanced filtering on the client side (now available both “negative” filetring and “positive” filtering)
  • server more efficient in duplicating the trades coming from the clients
  • the one4all_server_script is no longer needed since the server selects the clients it wants to accept connections from

Let’s illustrate with some picture the new features of One4All v1.08.

First of all you can make it work on a mixed environment with both MT4 build 509 and MT4 build 610 (this is a common situation for several traders at the moment, because not all brokers have migrated to Build 600 yet):


Secondly the client can “filter out” trades that match given conditions (like in the previous v1.07) OR it can only allow trades that match given conditions. We call “negative filtering” the first setup (which is enabled by default) and “positive filtering” the second setup (which you can enable putting negative_filter=false in the input settings). The following picture is just an example of 1 of the 4 filters available:


And finally, we’ve added a new input setting “client_numbers” in the server, so that it is more efficient in acquiring the trades coming from the clients, and at the same time it is a lot easier dropping out specific clients (as a matter of fact the “one4all_server_script” is no longer needed and we have removed it from the download area):


I hope you enjoy the new version of One4All  and stay tuned because we are releasing several other updates of other products in the coming days 😉

Have a pip-filled day!