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PimpMyEA Migration to Build 600 – Part 1 9

Hi Everyone,
this is the first one of a series of posts we’ll publish in the coming days for keeping you updated about the compatibility of our products with Build 600 and their eventual migration to the new platform.

We had planned 3 updates to be released this week (HART EA, ForteFX, One4All), but unfortunately they’ll be postponed to next week due to the time we’ve been devoting to MT4 Build 600.

We are also wondering if it is worth sending updates that are compiled on Build 509 or if compiling directly on the new Build 600 is a better option for everyone… that’s why we sent out a poll earlier today and we’d really like to hear your voice in this regard.

Now let’s show the results of our initial testings on Build 600 that fortunately are pretty encouraging :-)

The following Custom Indicators compiled on Build 509 (the same versions that you can find in the respective download areas) have shown to work without issues on Build 600:

  1. PotenzaFX
  2. PowerbarsFX
  3. SintesiFX
  4. DuettoFX
  5. Matrix

Also the following Expert Advisors compiled on Build 509 (the same versions that you can find in the respective download areas) are supported without problems by MT4 Build 600:

  1. ForteFX
  2. OndaFX
  3. OndaFX_Scalper
  4. RenkoLiveCharts
  5. HART EA

And the last news is that we already have the following EAs compiled under MetaEditor Build 600, so they can run “natively” on the new platform and they are indeed running smoothly (opening and closing trades according to their trading logic) so far:

  1. B600_ForteFX
  2. B600_OndaFX
  3. B600_OndaFX_Scalper

We are using the prefix “B600_” for all the source code compiled under Build 600, so it is clear for everyone that these versions can run exclusively (and natively) on Build 600 or higher. We’ll make available these new versions very soon. But before that it is important that you take part in our poll:

POLL: MT4 Build 600 Usage

Your comments are very welcome :-)