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Regnow Mail Server Problems

Hi everyone,

it seems that some of you didn’t get any confirmation and instructions emails after buying HART EA and other products in the last days.

Immediately after a purchase an automatic email should be delivered with confirmation and instructions.

If you didn’t get it after 2 hours please email us at and we’ll manually send it to you.

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Andrea and Paolo

Golden HART

HART Box SmallHi Everyone,

one of the first things you asked when we released the Free Renko Kit and then now with the HART EA, is if they can be applied to Gold.

We are usually quite focused on Forex but we also traded Gold in the past. So we used our automatic procedure to calculate the best pip box size of Gold and started looking at the charts and they looked really good. Our first impression was that Renko charting works particularly well on Gold.

So we were curious to check how well HART EA could possibly perform on our tick by tick generated charts of XAUUSD. The results confirmed our insight and they are quite impressive :-)

Take a look at that!

XAUUSD Regular (Gain +144.25%)

XAUUSD Aggressive(Gain +234.87%)

  • XAUUSD Regular Strategy: +144.25% (5.77% per month on average)
  • XAUUSD Aggressive Strategy: +234.87% (9.37% per month on average)

The drawdown is below 6%. Definitely worth trying it 😉

So we started 2 demos dedicated to Gold only and here are the links to MyFxBook if you want to follow them:


For more detailed information on this impressive automatic strategy that works on several currency pairs and other financial instruments available on MT4 you can check the sell page: HART EA.

If you are ready to buy and want to grab one of the last few copies at $100,00 off the regular price then just BUY IT here or click the box below 😉

HART Expert Advisor (for MT4) – $249,99

RenkoLiveChart EA
Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator
Two chart templates
Online manual
Email Support

The EA works on every MT4 platform.
The licence is for one live account and any demo account.


Before you buy please review our Refund Policy and make sure you can receive emails from

HART EA Is Out Now! 14

HART Box Large

…or Heiken Ashi Renko Trader.

HART is our first EA specifically developed for trading on Renko charts. The first one of a new generation of EAs!

By using Renko charts we take out time out of our trading equation and we focus only on price action.

We developed a set of tools and indicators for Renko charts and HART comes directly from that experience. It takes advantage of our unique (and totally automatic) procedure to calculate the best Renko box size based on the instrument volatility. You won’t be wondering anymore if you have to trade EURUSD using 10 or 15 pips boxes. Our tool for generating the Renko charts will take care of the proper box size for you.

This is a huge advantage as it makes everything a lot easier and profitable.

The box size if the first and main filter. That’s what really makes trading Renko charts special… almost magic. Suddendly all the clutter disappears and only clear trends pop up.

One Setup To Rule Them All

Thanks to the automatic calculation of the perfect box size for every financial instrument, HART does NOT need a specific setup for each of them. One setup is good for everything. We backtested and forward tested it on 10 different currency pairs with performances ranging from fairly good to extremely good on each of them. WITHOUT any kind of OPTIMIZATION.

You won’t need to “tweak” the EA settings… it’s the Renko chart that automatically adjusts itself based on the current volatility.

All you have to choose is between the “regular” approach or the “aggressive” one. Or use them both on separate charts!


What’s Inside HART

The strategy inside HART is simple and powerful at the same time.

It takes advantage of the Heiken Ashi candlesticks applied to Renko charts (instead of standard charts). Heiken Ashi is a candlestick drawing method that also uses past candles in order to calculate the value of the current one. This smooths things out and helps identifying real trends.

Smoothing Fast

Filtering is a good thing, but too much filtering may lead to some lagging. To reduce the lagging factor we developed an “aggressive” strategy that uses the values associated to the previous Heiken Ashi bar as possible entry levels. In this case we won’t wait for the present bar to close: as soon as price breaks above or below the previous bar, HART EA is ready to enter a trade.

One Trade Per Pair And No Hedging

The strategy is so simple and profitable that we don’t need to have multiple trades per pair and to hedge them. HART simply constantly swings between long and short positions. So every currency pair will have one single trade: Long or Short based on the trend evaluation algorithm of HART.


Who said that Renko charts can’t be backtested? Well it’s not easy but it can be done. We used tick by tick data starting from January 2012 to generate our Renko charts and we used this data to test our strategies.

Here you can find performances for 10 pairs for both the regular and the aggressive strategy over a period of 25 months (starting from 01/01/2012). You can click on the images if you want to read the detailed statement.

AUDUSD Regular (Gain +28.21%)

AUDUSD Aggressive(Gain +59.85%)

EURGBP Regular(Gain +28.67%)

EURGBP Aggressive(Gain +45.85%)

EURJPY Regular(Gain +82.96%)

EURJPY Aggressive(Gain +120.16%)

EURUSD Regular(Gain +51.11%)

EURUSD Aggressive(Gain +84.29%)

GBPCHF Regular(Gain +19.50%)

GBPCHF Aggressive(Gain +52.08%)

GBPJPY Regular(Gain +67.90%)

GBPJPY Aggressive(Gain +87.18%)

GBPUSD Regular(Gain +30.18%)

GBPUSD Aggressive(Gain +61.69%)

NZDUSD Regular(Gain +21.52%)

NZDUSD Aggressive(Gain +40.79%)

USDCHF Regular(Gain +36.88%)

USDCHF Aggressive(Gain +61.06%)

USDJPY Regular(Gain +43.26%)

USDJPY Aggressive(Gain +64.05%)

XAUUSD Regular (Gain +144.25%)

XAUUSD Aggressive(Gain +234.87%)

The total on 10 currency pairs for 25 months of trading are:

  • Regular Strategy: +410.19% (Monthly average: +16.40%)
  • Aggressive Strategy:  +677.00% (Monthly average: +27.08%)

The total on Gold for 25 months of trading are:

  • Regular Strategy: +144.25% (Monthly average: +5.77%)
  • Aggressive Strategy:  +234.87% (Monthly average: +9.37%)

And that with and a maximum drawdown per pair that never exceeded 8.4%.

Forward Accounts

Here are the 4 accounts we started, 2 for the regular strategy and 2 for the aggressive approach.

What You Get

  • RenkoLiveChart EA (Pimped version with automatic calculation of best pip box size)
  • Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator
  • Two templates (one for regular and one for aggressive strategy) to easily apply the EA
  • An always updated online manual with instructions
  • Email Support

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the HART EA you can buy it from here.

HART Expert Advisor (for MT4) – $249,99

RenkoLiveChart EA
Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator
Two chart templates
Online manual
Email Support

The EA works on every MT4 platform.
The licence is for one live account and any demo account.


Please review our Refund Policy