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Several Updates Available 7

1311160916_Mushroom - LifeCiao a Tutti,

we have just released the following updates:

  • ForteFX v1.09
  • OndaFX v1.05
  • SpaghettiFX Trader EAs v1.01
  • NuovaFX v1.02

All the new versions have the same input parameters of previous versions, with the exception of ForteFX that now has an additional input parameter called “progressive_comment” (check the User’s Manual for its meaning).

The main reason of these updates was a minor bug in NuovaFX that could freeze the platform. ForteFX v1.09 also contains other improvements suggested by the users.

Thanks for your feeback that was important for coding these updates. By the way, your feedback is always appreciated :-)

We hope you enjoy the new versions, and we suggest to perform the updates within the next 24 hours, before the market open on Sunday. However – if you are not able to do that – also an update when the market is open time should not cause big issues (close the platform, overwrite the relevant files with the new versions, restart the platform, that’s all).

Have a nice Sunday.

Happy ThanksGiving From PimpMyEA

A lot of “pimpers” are from the USA and so we want to wish them all the best from this ThanksGiving day.

Sticking to the point, we want to say a huge thanks to all the people that starting from yesterday are enjoying our new Spaghetti Trader EAs :)

Performances are keeping strong and I’m sure that soon you’ll start seeing some good results on your accounts as well.





There are about 35 licenses left at the launch price and I think that they will go soon.

As anticipated in the past days, I’m actually working a lot on non-time-based (NTB) charts (in particular Renko) and I’m working on finding the best setup to run Spaghetti Trader EAs on Renko’s charts. They can already run on Renko’s charts but I want to do some backtest to find the best settings. Stay tuned and I’m sure great things will come from that mix as well.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll focus on NTB charts and we’ll port all we can on them as well as develop new things and some are already under test!

So this Winter will be a hot one for “pimpers” :)

That’s all for today.

Enjoy the time with your family and wish you all the best,

Andrea and Paolo

Spaghetti Trader EAs Out Now! 6

Spaghetti Trader EA Box Large

When we developed the SpaghettiFX indicators we already had in mind the core elements of an automatic trading strategy based on this set of indicators.

Well, working with SpaghettiFX we ended up developing not one, but 4 automatic strategies.

Now these 4 strategies are available in the form of 2 distinct Spaghetti Trader EAs: two EAs that implement a total of  4 strategies.

The SpaghettiFX indicators are based on two sets of moving averages: a slow and a fast one. Each set represents a group of traders: the ones with a long term view of the market and ones more oriented towards a short term view.


By looking at how these two sets of MAs interact with each other, a manual trader can be able to determine when a trend is about to start, when it’s about to end and if there’s no trend in place at all.

But EAs can’t “look” at charts. That’s where our SpaghettiFX indicators set comes in. It “reads” the status of different MAs sets and analyses them in order to compute numeric values that can trigger trading decisions.

The Spaghetti Trader EAs are exactly the EAs that do this job.

Like the indicators set, they are able to read the market using the two sets of EAs and to trade accordingly.

The 4 strategies are based on our analysis of the SpaghettiFX indicators: “Signal“, “Trend“, “Indicator” and “STM“. We integrated them into two EAs (one only devoted to STM) and coded our trading strategies using them.

The result is an EA able to have very good performances in different pairs, and different timeframes.

Some pairs perform better than others and so do specific timeframes.

For example, based on our experience, the 30 minutes timeframe is the one having better short term performances.

For this timeframe we optimized our settings based on recent data to have it perfetly fit for the actual market conditions.

Here are this year backtests for the 30M timeframe along with the actual performances on our account:

AUDUSD 30M Backtest

AUDUSD 30M Account

EURUSD 30M Backtest

EURUSD 30M Account

GBPUSD 30M Backtest

GBPUSD 30M Account

USDCHF 30M Backtest

USDCHF 30M Account

USDJPY 30M Backtest

USDJPY 30M Backtest

For longer timeframes we used longer period of backtest and optimization. Here’s an example:

EURUSD 4H Backtest (since 2008)

The above performances has been reached using the first 3 strategies, but we developed a 4th one called STM (Signal Trend Match) that has a dedicated EA.

Here’s video backtest showing performances of this strategy alone:

And here are the backtest of the STM strategy starting from 2010 on AUDUSD and EURUSD 4H charts.

AUDUSD 4H STM Backtest (since 2010)

EURUSD 4H STM Backtest (since 2010)

Consider that the “STM backtests” above have been performed without any kind of optimization, using only the default settings of SpaghettiFX, so there is surely room for improvement.

Also note that the SpaghettiFX STM strategy is the perfect complement to the OndaFX EA as they work using opposite strategies 😉

NuovaFX Integration

NuovaFX is our news indicator. As for all our latest EAs, we integrated the option to use the NuovaFX to filter entries based on forthcoming (or just released) news. This is an option and NuovaFX is not part of the package.

Suggested Broker

Although the strategy can work pretty well on any reputable broker, we personally use and suggest which offers top-rated liquidity providers and very competitive spreads.

What You Get

  • Spaghetti Trader EA and Spaghetti Trader STM EA
  • Setting Files for each pair and timeframe we backtested successfully
  • An online manual with instructions

Ready To Buy?

If you are interested in the Spaghetti Trader EAs you can buy them from here.

Spaghetti Trader EAs for MT4 – $249,99

  • SpaghettiFX Trader EA and SpaghettiFX Trader STM EA
  • Setting Files for each pair and timeframe we backtested successfully
  • An online manual with instructions

The EA works on every MT4 platform.


Before you buy please review our Refund Policy and make sure you can receive emails from