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Happy and Prosperous 2014 – Never, Ever Give Up 2

2014Dear Trader,

we are reaching the end of 2013 and as always this is time for making new plans and commitments for the New Year.

If you have 15 spare minutes, I encourage you to watch a video that will surely give inspiration and help you set bold goals for 2014:

A big thank you to all the Pimpers who supported this website throughout 2013.

Find Your Way and Live a Great 2014 :-)

Andrea and Paolo

2013 Has Been The Best Year For Pimpers 2

Hi everyone,

a little less than 3 years ago I decide to create blog.

Many things have changed in the meanwhile and I’m quite proud of what we’ve done in those years. Particularly proud of all the innovative trading tools we developed so far and very excited about the ones we are working to be released in the coming year(s).

This is the best way to start a new year… good things done and many ideas for new ones to be developed.

In the past weeks I decided to take some rest and enjoy some time with the family and unfortunately one of the servers I run had a complete crash. We have backups but the problem is that we lost all the last weeks of trading. The account that stopped trading are those with PotenzaFX EA, all the ReticoloFX EAs and the new SpaghettiFX EA. Fortunately the ForteFX and OndaFX accounts were not involved into the crash.

That made me think that it’s time to start with a complete revice of our accounts with only “best” settings so that you get too confused. And, most wanted, we’ll also start dedicated live account in the next weeks/months even if we all know that there’s for our strategies we never had a real difference in performances between demos and real accounts.

We’ve been able to reach about 50% gain on ForteFX in 7 months of trading and 36% gain (at the moment) with OndaFX in 6 months.


ForteFX is still our best peforming and most stable strategy and it is even more thinking that it comes from a trading strategy (Crescendo) that is working since 2010!

And I want to remember that today and tomorrow are the last days to get it with a 25% discount that is even more interesting considering that we’ll rise the price of it in 2014!

Here’s the discount code you have to use to get the 25% discount:


But the coupon code is valid for ALL our products. Only 48 hours left and it’s gone.

In 2014, more things will come. As you all know we actually we are focused on “no time based” charts (Renko, constant range bars, etc) and the coming January will see the release of specific tools along with updated setting for some of the already existing ones to run on Renko in particular.

So stay tuned, give us as many feedback as you can as that help us in developing the best trading tools and build the most successful Forex trading community out there.

Have a great 2014,

Andrea and Paolo

Forecast EURUSD – Poll for the 3rd January 2014 is Closed

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll for forecasting the price of EURUSD at 22pm GMT of the 3rd January 2014.

The POLL is now CLOSED

Here are the Poll Results:

The spread is 0.00 (50.00% Long  – 50.00% Short).

The average number of pips is +1.

Therefore the “Social Forecast Trading System” for the coming week will be:

  • VoxPopuli: FLAT on EURUSD
  • VoxDei: FLAT on EURUSD
  • Consensus: LONG 0.01 lots on EURUSD

The VoxPopuli trading system closes the previous position and remains flat.
The VoxDei trading system closes the previous position and remains flat.
The Consensus trading system closes the previous position and opens 0.01 long lots.

Thanks again to the 42 people who took part in the poll and remember to vote again next weekend!

Winner of Poll for the 27th December 2013

Salve a tutti,

first of all thanks to everyone who spent  time to participate in our Poll for the “Social Forecast Trading System” last week.


If you haven’t done it yet, remember to vote for this week poll here. It takes a second and can be worth $25!

The more votes, the more reliable the results will be. We want to develop a real profitable trading system based on that approach and we definitely need your help :)

But let’s come to the winner of the weekly forecast pool… drum roll, please…


wins the title of “Forecaster of the Week” because he/she provided the forecast on EURUSD – which moved +77 pips in a week – with the best accuracy (+30 pips).

Congratulations for winning a $25 coupon 😉

The email address is not displayed entirely for privacy reasons 😉 The winner has been notified via email.

Please read the Poll Rules to understand how coupons can be used.

VoxPopuli, VoxDei

VoxPopuli” (a demo account with 10K USD starting balance) trades EURUSD following what the majority of people voted.

VoxDei“(a demo account with 10K USD starting balance) trades EURUSD following what the minority of people voted.

The lot size of trades in these accounts is adjusted week by week at the re-open of the market.

Here are the performances of the “Vox” accounts after 102 weeks:

  • VoxPopuli -$880.13
  • VoxDei -$727.06

Here is the performance of Consensus after 10 weeks:

  • Consensus $4918.07

So far VoxPopuli has won 48 times and VoxDei has won 48 times out of 102 weeks (six polls ended at 50%-50%) . Let’s see what happens this week and the weeks ahead.

Don’t forget there is a Poll open right now for forecasting the price of EURUSD for the 3rd of January 2014!!!


The weekly $25 coupon is waiting for you :)

The poll closes Sunday night at 22PM GMT.