Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

DuettoFX Strategy Details And Tips 34

Ciao a Tutti,

first of all thanks for the terrific response to the DuettoFX Indicator which was released yesterday. It seems that most of you have already applied DuettoFX to your charts and are already hunting new “duetto”  trades 😀

However, a word of caution: as for any system/strategy please use DuettoFX on a demo first, until you exactly understand how it works.

I’ll share some tips today so that you can use DuettoFX in the best way and you fully understand how to replicate the strategy described in the “1000 Pips per Month with a Single Indicator” post. I’d like to stress that this strategy can be improved a lot with a more reliable exit strategy, however it can be a good starting point for newcomers.

Look carefully at the picture below (you can click on it for a larger view):