Daily Archives: February 10, 2012

Improvement To The Dyamic Lot Size Strategy 9

Salve a tutti,

first of all a few updates:

  • we almost finished developing PotenzaFX Groups EA. We are taking out bugs and running tests. Maybe we’ll add some improvements coming from the information I’ll detail below.
  • we are done with DuettoFX indicator. It’ll be released next week. Probably on Tuesday.
  • we are already working on Duetto FX EA. It should be ready in a few weeks. Probably at the beginning of March.

I’m sorry for being so “slow” but I’m under a sort of snow storm since more than one week now and weather forecast are not good for the coming days so I have problems working as usual due to the time I have to spend “managing” the situation. I live in Italy and we are not supposed (and so not that good) to deal with such a load of snow 😀

Anyway… what’s most important is that I have time to think about how to improve performances even more.

The Dynamic Lot Sizing (DLS) strategy works quite well. But sometimes it has problems in “locking” profits. So here’s what I’m working on.