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Forex Spread Trading 4

Salve a tutti,

I ‘d like to continue my talks about one of my favourite arguments: currencies correlations.

Just as a reminder… the correlation tells you how much two pairs (or two single currencies) are related: if they tend to move in the same direction (direct correlation), in opposite directions (inverse correlation) or if they don’t have any relation between them (no correlation).

Spread trading is a “non directional” way to trade with stocks or CFDs, etc. but it can be used in Forex as well.

In general, you take two pairs that are directly correlated and trade long the one that is relatively stronger than the other, while you trade short the weaker. In practice you buy the stronger one and sell the weaker one.

That way you try to reduce trading risks, still doing some profits.

How does it work? Since the two pairs (or currencies) tend to move in the same direction, if the one that you traded long is in gain, probably the one that you’re trading short is in loss.

But you “bet” on the fact that the one that you traded long will gain more than the loss you’re taking with the one you’re trading short as it is actually “stronger” than the other.

This is a “non directional” trading as you don’t care anymore about the trend as your gain comes from the relative gain/loss between the two pairs.


Forecast EURUSD – Poll for the 3rd Feb 2012 is Closed

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll for forecasting the price of EURUSD at 22pm GMT of the 3rd of February 2012.

The POLL is now CLOSED

Here are the Poll Results:

The spread is -0.41 (29.41% Long  – 70.59% Short = 41.2% Short).

Therefore the “Social Forecast Trading System” will be

Short 0.41 lots on EURUSD for the coming week.

The system adds 0.30 short lots with respect to the previous position (which was Short 0.11 lots).

Thanks again to the 204 people who took part in the poll and remember to vote again next weekend!

LiveEAs Weekly Report – Jan 22 ’12 – Jan 27 ’12

Weekly Report

Weekly Report

Ciao a tutti,
last week (from Sunday 22nd of January to Friday 27th of January) our EA portfolio had a really good performance, with PL going up from +28.75% to +50.22. The only loser was LeoTrader (-5.55%), while IrisFX (+15.27%) and ForexCrescendo (+4.91%) reported the biggest gains. Overall the PL for the week was +21.47%.
Here is the usual table describing the performance of our EA portfolio:
Robot Name Last Week PL Monthly PL Profit Factor Max DD
Crescendo 4.91% 1.16% 1.13 31.15%
Forex_Combo 0.40% 0.82% 1.10 12.95%
Forex_Hercules 0.00% -5.40% 0.64 39.54%
FxVooDoo 3.28% -9.65% 0.74 69.72%
IrisFX 15.27% 8.12% 1.19 40.52%
LeoTrader_Pro -5.55% -0.82% 0.53 13.45%
SilverEA 0.94% -0.35% 0.97 28.76%
WallStreet 2.22% 1.21% 1.10 14.00%

Winner of Poll for the 27th Jan 2012

Salve a tutti,

first of all thanks to everyone who spent  time to participate in our Poll for the “Social Forecast Trading System” last week.

You can check the Poll Results here.

If you haven’t done it yet, remember to vote for this week poll here. It takes a second and can be worth $25!

The more votes, the more reliable the results will be. We want to develop a real profitable trading system based on that approach and we definitely need your help :)

But let’s come to the winner of the weekly forecast pool… drum roll, please… (more…)