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Crescendo v1.4 Stops Working In Low Volume Periods. 10


many of you experienced performance problems in December-January. Those of you having those kind of problems didn’t follow my suggestion to pause trading live from mid December to mid January. At least on live accounts. At least using the regular lot size.

Anyway… Crescendo v1.4 has a nice feature that will automatically stop it from opening new sets of positions in August and from mid December to mid January. This way you can’t go wrong. It is an option, so you can DISABLE it but you’ll do it knowing what you can face.

If the EA will have open positions it’ll continue to manage them as usual. It will simply stop from opening NEW (first) positions.

Safety first! :)

Updates! 5

Salve a tutti,

sorry if I disappeared a little during the last few days but here’s a quick update on what I’m doing and you should expect this week and next one:

  • Crescendo v1.4 – The coding is almost done and I’m doing backtests so to find best settings. After that I’ll send it to about 10 beta-testers that wish to try it. I already have a list of people wishing to do that. One or two weeks of beta testing and it’ll be public so probably around mid February. I’m about to post the backtests this week so you know what you can expect from it;
  • How To Hedge Trading With Crescendo – this is a guide I’m working on that will explain in details how to hedge trading with Crescendo. Some of you are already doing that but I think that this guide will help everyone doing that at best. It can be a very profitable strategy, but requires an account allowing hedging (so buy and sell on the same account)… or two accounts. So not for everyone but worth showing how it works;
  • (more…)

Pre-Review Of Rover North Trading System 11

Salve a tutti,

I’ve been usign the Rover North trading system for a few days now.

Here’s my short “pre-review” of the system before its release next Thusday Feb 1st.

The system is very simple to learn an very simple to apply. Simple things work mos of the times.

It works by analyzing 3 time frames (30M, 15M and 5M). Rover uses it on 3 currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD and sometimes USDCHF) but in my opinion it can be extended to other pairs as well.


EURClimber Crashes 1

Salve a tutti,

I just got that email from EURClimber team:


if you've been a customer since the beginning of January, you
probably know that for a week or so, EURClimber experienced crashes
every day after the trading session with previous versions. We
changed what we though was causing it and the new 2.3 version was
running smooth for 2 weeks, but it seems to have crashed for
everyone tonight, so it seems that the problem wasn't completely
removed yet, only mitigated. We are currently working on another
patch, which should finally get rid of the problems completely. (more…)